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" Are you intending to develop your team, especially  your millennials to acquire soft skills ? "

We are a coaching team that has been delivering soft skills development for various organisations (multi nationals, BUMNs, local companies ) for the past 10 years in Indonesia.

We have been engaged and been assisting management team of our clients to enable their team members' to apply soft skills in the workplace  - focusing on " boss and his/her team members " collaboration, especially bosses with millennials.

We have been working closely with Career Development Centre University of Indonesia since 2008 to equip millennials with soft competencies .

None of company has the same culture and values ....that's the reason our programs are customised not only to cater your company specific needs but also adapted with your company culture. 

Our coaching team are certified coach and have rich exposure to develop and deliver soft skills program.

We coach individual team member to be a solid contributor in the team that will transform the team to a higher stage of team development. Our programs covers :

1. Developing Millennials into Leadership role.

2. Developing High Performing Team

3  Developing Transformational Leader

and some others.

Please contact  our phone : 0812 12 200 300 , our facilitator/coach , Iwan Winanda will assist you, should you need further information.